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Dead Bod T-shirt

  • Dead Bod T-shirt
  • Dead Bod T-shirt

This is the official Dead Bod T-shirt celebrating the iconic maritime landmark for Hull.

The story of Dead Bod....

Some time in the Swinging Sixties, fun and games were also taking place up north in Hull. One evening in a drunken prank, skipper Len "Pongo" Rood and engineer chum Gordon Mason took a pot of white paint and graffitied a crude image of a dead bird, feet upturned, on to a corrugated iron shed in the city's Alexandra Dock. The legend of Dead Bod was born.

Ever since, Rood's painting has stood the test of time, becoming such a noticeable landmark that fishermen navigating the waters at the mouth of the Humber Estuary used it to help them reach shore.

(The Telegraph)

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£1 goes to Humber Rescue

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